SEO Sydney

Sydney SEO Finding a great SEO operator can be extremely difficuly at the best of times. To find someone truely awesome at SEO you must first find someone who has ranked extremely high in an SEO nieche for there own business. This is a great indicator that they know their stuff. If there site is advertised on google add words it is a fair indication that perhaps they are faking it and could not organivally rank their own site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has in its own right become huge. A lot of SEO guys now run massive email marketing campaigns. So much so that it has even become annoying receiving emails. To run an awesome email marketing campaign it is important not to to annoy people but rather have a kind friendly soft sell that is packed with vaue. To pack something with value you really must have a good product that you believe in and want people to benefit from> To often SEO guys are just hungry for the money and are not highly concerned with how much value you will receive. Haiving people spend money on an online business one must really give more value than what they receive in goods.


SEO stands for search engine optimization meaning making your web page readable for search engines such as Google , Bing, Yahoo and many others. If the search engines have a hard time reading your page it is natural that they will not rank you. The internet has been designed as an online community forum where people look blog and tell there stories or sell there businesses if you want to improve your online presence it is important to be part of this community or at least look like your a part of this.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves promoting your business in other ways than just purely on the search engines. It can be email marketing, social media and much much more. A freat digital marketer will have multiple skills in creating various platforms for one to market their business. Mainly this includes directories, social media, email and the likes.

How much should i pay an SEO?

This is a great question and it really depends on their skill level and the difficulty of task.
Say for instance to rank someone for shoes in Gundagai will not be a hard task however
“shoes in Sydney” you will need to be spending some serious money.

bad seo

Bad SEO’s

How to tell if your SEO is good or bad?
This is a question that one must ask themselves is my SEO good Great or
Horrible. Again a great indicator of their skill set is whether they can
rank their own page or not.